Elephant/Heart Mobile, Petal/Snow
$ 120.00

Elephant/Heart Mobile, Petal/Snow

'Hatti' is the Nepali word for Elephant. Elephants are revered in Hinduism among many cultures other as a symbol of good luck, fortune, and protection. Ganesh, the elephant God, is thought to be a remover of obstacles. Buddhist culture also recognizes elephants as a symbol of mental strength.

Each mobile is handmade at a women's center in Nepal and takes 3.5 days to complete.

Make this an heirloom piece and keep it in your family for generations, gift it to a friend when your little one outgrows it, or hang it over a reading corner when it's time to move it.

50% Cashmere / 50 % Wool

Color: Petal Pink / Snow White

Measurement: Strings are less than 7 inches, adhering to recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics.


Hanging Tips:

Knit loop at the top makes for easy hanging.

Hanging hardware and instructions not included.

Mobile Safety:

We recommend hanging your mobile above a changing table. Not recommended above the crib directly.

Mobiles are meant for visual stimulation and should be hung out of reach of the baby. They should be removed when babies begin to sit up/push up on their own.