All of our pieces are hand-crafted and embroidered at a women's center in Nepal using a either 100% cashmere, or a 50/50 blend of ultra-soft cashmere and wool.  

Each animal takes 2 days to make. Each blanket takes 2 weeks to make. Because every step in the process is done by hand creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, each piece varies slightly.

Each purchase at Oja Moon generates funds for Kids of Kathmandu's initial orphanage project, where we began funding food and education for 49 children in 2010. Not only does each purchase at Oja Moon generate funds for the orphanage, but it helps to employ the knitting women who lack financial security. Many are struggling to send their children to school and many are widows, needing income to provide for their families.  We visit the knitting site yearly, along with the orphanage and our other children/education based projects of Kids of Kathmandu.

Your purchase makes a difference. Thank you.